Album: Bi_POlar and Lovin It Mix-Tape (2012)

Song: IMMA Whore

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Been having love for Rap Music Since the Days of, Run DMC, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, Even since Sir Mix A-lot. LOL.. I'm A Small Town Louisiana boy.. I love the Boot, But I have Lived all over. Come from a Poor Family, Hoping to Teach my family that its okay to Dream. My Familys beliefs are that " Anything Is Better then Nothing ". its okay to choose flipping burgers as a career. Well, I dont think It is. And i Want to rise Above all that. So I figured, Since I have loved Rap Music My Whole Life?? Why not Give it a Try?? And Here I Am.. Hate me or love me. But I Will always be me regardless..